FRANKLIN (SOMERSET) — A 39-year-old man was splashed in the face and burned with molten metal on Monday morning at Carteret Die Casting Corp., 74 Veronica Ave., police said.

“They are looking into exactly how this accident happened,” Sgt. Phil Rizzo said. “Apparently, it looks like for whatever reason, he removed the cover from a piece of apparatus.”

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MRT Boosts Productivity with New Die Casting Robots

World-class foundry MRT Castings has just invested in a new extractor robot for its largest die casting cell – speeding up operations and further enhancing quality.

The new extractor robot on MRT’s Bühler 530-tonne cell complements its robot-controlled ladle and die spray.

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NADCA Seeks Examples of Impact if Tax Hikes Go Through on Jan 1

With the prospect of higher taxes starting Jan. 1 due to the scheduled expiration of the tax policies originally enacted in 2001 and 2003, the House Ways & Means Committee has asked for our assistance in providing first hand examples about the impact that tax hikes would have on your facility. Will it affect your hiring decisions for the remainder of the year? Will your business hold off on investments? Will your facility make different decisions about planning for the future? These stories, data and examples are critical to helping lawmakers understand and communicate the importance of the expiration of the current tax code. Feel free to send your stories and comments along to the NADCA Washington Office- – we will then pass them along to the appropriate committee staff.

The House of Representatives has taken further action on developing legislation and will be voting in the next few weeks to extend the 2001 and 2003 reduced tax rates. The legislation that House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) will introduce is expected to include: extension of the 2001 and 2003 reduced marginal income tax rates; extension of current estate tax provisions; extension of reduced rates on capital gains and dividends; AMT relief; and return of Section 179 allowance to $25,000.

US Files Trade Complaint Against China Over Auto Duties

CBS Evening News reported, “The United States filed a complaint against China today with the World Trade Organization. The US accuses China of putting unfair fees on some cars made in America, making them more expensive for Chinese drivers.” CBS went on to profile China’s love of American automobiles, noting, “Last year, the Chinese bought 18 million cars — six million more than were sold in the US — and 80% paid cash.”

The New York Times reports the US “filed a trade complaint against China on Thursday for new duties it imposed on American-made cars and trucks.” US Trade Representative Ron Kirk said, “The Obama Administration will continue to fight to ensure that China does not misuse its trade laws and violate its international trade commitments to block exports of American-made products. American auto workers and manufacturers deserve a level playing field and we are taking every step necessary to stand up for them.” China imposed the duties, which the Obama Administration “said cover about $3.3 billion worth of auto exports to China, after the Obama administration bailed out General Motors and Chrysler in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008.”

The Washington Post says the “action comes as President Obama has pledged to get tougher on China’s trade policies to help level the economic playing field with the Asian economic power.” Obama touted the move during campaign stops in auto-producing Ohio on Thursday. The White House said the tariffs impact about 80% of US auto exports to China. Press Secretary Jay Carney “noted that this is the seventh such action taken against China. ‘The previous six have all been successful,'” he said.

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