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Die casting is a versatile process for producing engineered metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into reusable steel molds. These molds, called dies, can be designed to produce complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. Parts can be sharply defined, with smooth or textured surfaces, and are suitable for a wide variety of attractive and serviceable finishes.

Die castings are among the highest volume, mass produced items manufactured by the metalcasting industry, and they can be found in thousands of consumer, commercial and industrial products. Die cast parts are important components of products ranging from aircraft to toys. Die cast parts can be as basic as a door handle or as complex as a transmission housing.

Corporate Members:

A&B Die Casting, a Division of Benda Tool & Model Works
AarKel Tool & Die Inc.
ABCO Die Casters Inc.
Able Die Casting Corporation
Absolute Machinery
ACE Precision International, LLC
Acme Alliance, LLC
ADC Aerospace
Advance Die Cast LLC
Ahresty Mexicana, S.A. De C.V.
Ahresty Wilmington Corporation
Alcoa USA Corp.
Allied Metal Company
Aludyne – Clarksville Plant
Alupress LLC
American Honda Motor Co. – North Carolina Mfg.
American Metal Chemical Corp (AMCOR)
Anderson Die Casting Co.
Anderton Castings De Monterrey
Anderton Castings LLC
Anviloy By Astaras Inc.
Apex Aluminum Die Casting Company
Arbomex Celaya
Arsham Aluminum Alloys LLC
Astronics PECO Inc.
Audubon Metals LLC
Auto Cast Inc.
Automation Systems & Design (ASD)
B&L Information Systems, Inc.
Badger Metal Tech Inc.
Bedford Machine & Tool Inc.
Blue Ridge Community College
Blue Ridge Pressure Castings
Bocar US, Inc.
Bodycote Thermal Processing Inc.
Boyd Allenton, LLC
Brach Machine
Brondolin North America
Buffoli North America, Inc.
BuhlerPrince, Inc.
C. Palmer Die Casting, Inc.
Cal-Miser Aluminum Systems Inc.
California Die Casting Incorporated
Canimex Incorporated
Canmet MATERIALS – Natural Resources Canada
Carteret Die Casting Corporation
Cascade Die Casting Group – Atlantic
Cascade Die Casting Group – Great Lakes
Cascade Die Casting Group – Group Services/Corporate Headquarters
Cascade Die Casting Group – Mid-State
Cast Products, Inc.
Cast Specialties Inc.
Cast-Rite Corporation
Castec Corporation
Castool Heat Treat
Castool Tooling Systems
Centracore De Mexico
Centrifugal Castings
Chem-Trend, LP
Chicago White Metal Casting, Inc.
CMP Group Ltd.
Colosio USA Inc.
Comet Yxlon
CompX Security Products
Consolidated Metco Inc.
Conticast Hormesa LLC
Cosma Casting Michigan, Cosma International, Magna International
Custom Alloy Sales, Inc.
Daido Steel Co. Ltd.
Daiichi Jitsugyo (America) Inc.
DeCardy Diecasting Company
Deco Products Company
Die Cast Press Manufacturing Co.
Die-Pro LLC
Diehl Tool Steel
DieTech & Engineering Inc.
DISA Group
DME Company LLC
DTP Diecast Solutions LLC
DyCast Specialties Corporation
Dyersville Die Cast
Dynacast International, LLC – Elgin Plant
Dynacast International, LLC – Germantown Plant
Dynacast International, LLC – Global Headquarters
Dynacast International, LLC – Lake Forest Plant
Dynacast Limited
Dynacast Mexico
Dynamo Inc.
Eastern Alloys Inc.
EKK, Inc.
Ellwood Specialty Steel
Empire Die Casting Company
Exco Engineering
FCA Canada Inc. – Etobicoke Casting Plant
Fielding Manufacturing Incorporated
Fisa North America Inc.
Flow Science Inc.
Fondarex USA
Fort Recovery Industries Inc.
Frech USA
Fremar Industries
FT Precision
G & M Die Casting Company
General Die Casters Inc.
General Motors Corporation – Bedford Casting Operations
Gibbs Die Casting Corporation
Godfrey & Wing Inc.
Greenfield Industries Inc.
H Gerber Consulting
HA International, LLC
Henkel Corporation
Heritage Die Casting Company
High Temperature Systems Inc
Hildreth Manufacturing LLC
Hill and Griffith Company
Honda De Mexico – Celaya Engine Plant
Honda De Mexico – Celaya Transmission Plant
Honda Development Manufacturing of America – Alabama Auto Plant – ALDC
Honda Development Manufacturing of America – Anna Engine Plant: ALDC
Honda Development Manufacturing of America – Auto Development Center: AL Div.
Honda Development Manufacturing of America – Production Engineering
Honda Development Manufacturing of America – TMPG: ALDC
Honda Development Manufacturing of America – TMPO: ALDC
Honda North America – Purchasing
Honda of Canada Mfg Inc – Engine Plant: ALDC
HTS International Corporation
Hyatt Die Cast & Engineering Corporation
IDRA North America Inc.
IECI S.r.l.
Imperial Zinc Corp & Imperial Aluminum Corp
Inductotherm Corp.
Industrial Innovations Inc.
J&M Precision Die Casting
J&S Chemical Corp
JTEKT Automotive Tennessee-Morristown Inc.
Kamtek Casting, Inc. – a Division of Magna International
Kason Industries, Inc.
Kind Special Alloys LLC
Kobelt Manufacturing Company Limited
L K Machinery Inc.
LaFrance Manufacturing Co.
Lakeside Casting Solutions
Le Sueur Incorporated
Lethiguel SAS
Linamar Light Metals – Mills River (LLM-MR)
Lincoln Electric Automation
Lindberg MPH
Ljunghall Canada Ltd.
LSP Technologies Inc.
Luke Engineering & Manufacturing Co.
M & I Machine
Madison Precision Products
Madison-Kipp Corp.
Madison-Kipp Corp.
Madison-Kipp Corp.
Madison-Kipp Corp. – Richmond
Mag-Tec Casting Corporation
MAGMA Foundry Technologies Inc.
Mangas-AarKel Tool and Engineering Inc.
Meitler Consulting Inc.
Mercury Castings – Division of Mercury Marine
Meridian Lightweight Technologies Corporate Head Office
Meridian Lightweight Technologies (Wright Street)
Meridian Lightweight Technologies Inc. (High Street)
Meridian Lightweight Technologies Inc. – Global Technology Center
Meridian Technologies Inc. – Magnesium Products of America
Meridian Technologies Mexico
Metal Conversions Ltd.
Metal Mechanics Inc.
Metalworks Recycle-Reload, LLC
Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc.
Michigan Die Casting LLC
Midland Technologies, Inc.
Midwest Die Casting Corporation
Miniature Casting Corporation
Nebraska Aluminum Castings Inc.
Nemak Alabama HPDC Operations
Nemak Wisconsin – Gateway Plant
Nemak Wisconsin – Taylor Facility
New Brunswick Plating Inc.
New Century Heaters
Norican Group
Northern Iowa Die Casting Inc.
Novacast Solutions USA Inc.
OEE Companies
Oerlikon Balzers Coating USA Inc.
Omni Die Casting Inc.
Ozark Die Casting Corporation
Pace Industries, Cambridge
Pace Industries, Chihuahua
Pace Industries, Grafton
Pace Industries, Harrison Aluminum
Pace Industries, Harrison Zinc
Pace Industries, Jackson
Pace Industries, Latrobe
Pace Industries, Maple Lake
Pace Industries, Port City
Pace Industries, Port City
Pace Industries, Saltillo
Pacific Die Casting Corporation
Pacific Die Casting Corporation – Commerce
Pascal Engineering
Patterson Mold & Tool
PCS Company
PHB Inc., Die Casting Division
Phygen Coatings Inc.
Prestige Casting Inc.
Production Castings, Inc.
Progressive Components
Prolong Tool / Prolong Surface Technologies
Promatek Research Center – a Division of Cosma Part of Magna International
Pyrotek Inc.
Quaker Houghton
Rane Light Metal Castings Inc.
RCM Industries Inc. – Aallied Die Casting Company of Illinois
RCM Industries Inc. – Aallied Die Casting Company of North Carolina
RCM Industries Inc. – Imperial Die Casting Company
RCM Industries Inc. – Inland Die Casting Company
Regloplas Corporation
Rheocast Company, A Division of The Fall River Group, Inc.
Ryobi Die Casting Mexico
Ryobi Die Casting USA Inc.
Ryoei USA Inc.
Sanji Industries, LLC
Sanyo Special Steel USA Inc.
Schlage De Mexico
SDC of Indiana, LLC
Shawnee Specialties Inc.
Shibaura Machine Company, America
SIJ Metal Ravne – SIJ Americas
Simalex Manufacturing Company Limited
Sinto America
SKS Die Casting & Machining Inc.
Soldy Manufacturing Company
Spartan Light Metal Products – Corporate Office
Spartan Light Metal Products – LMP Plant
Spartan Light Metal Products Inc.
Spartan Light Metal Products LLC
Spartan Light Metal Products LLC – Mexico Plant
Spectro Alloys Corp.
Stellantis – Kokomo Casting Plant
STRATTEC Component Solutions
StrikoWestofen America
Sun Steel Treating, Inc.
Sundaram Clayton Limited
Superior Aluminum Alloys
Swiss Steel Canada, Inc.
Swiss Steel USA, Inc.
TAC Manufacturing Incorporated
Team Industries
Technical Die-Casting Inc.
TESLA Motors
TESLA Motors
The Schaefer Group, Inc.
Therm-Tech of Waukesha
Top Die Casting Company
TOYO Machine America, LLC
TRU Die Cast Corporation
TVT Die Casting & Manufacturing Incorporated
Twin City Die Castings Company
Twin City Die Castings Company – Monticello
Twin City Die Castings Company – Watertown
UBE Machinery Inc.
Uddeholm USA
Ultraseal America Inc.
Visi-Trak Worldwide, LLC
Voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Centre Ltd.
Voestalpine Eifeler Coatings Technology
Voestalpine High Performance Metals – USA
Walker Die Casting
Wes-Tech Automation Solutions
Wheelabrator Group
Wilkast, Inc.
Wollin USA
Wrex Products Inc.
YIZUMI-HPM Corporation
Yushiro Manufacturing America, Inc.
ZF Transmission
Zitai USA – Die Casting Equipment Group