The NADCA Design Seminar presents a logical structure of how to pursue improvement and cost-reduction programs with a die cast product design. The steps presented are applicable to both new product concepts and upgrading of existing components. The principles and sequences outlined are useful for any strategic approach to product development, design and engineering. They are also integral to emphasis on design for manufacturability.

The seminar goal is to provide the resources and knowledge needed to develop and design an optimized die cast product. After attending this seminar attendees will be able to design or help develop a die cast product design that will be optimized both for its end use and for the die casting process.

Seminar Topics Include

  • Intro & Design Resources
  • The Die Casting Option
  • Product Development
    • Working Environment
    • Structural Criteria
    • Manufacturing Economics
    • Die Casting Vs. Other Processes
  • Product Design
    • Geometry Optimization
    • CAD Design Tools
    • Assemblies
    • Machining
    • Surface Finishing
  • Die Casting Alloys
    • Range of Properties
    • Al, Mg, Zn, and ZA Alloys
    • Alloy Selection
    • Alloy Supply
    • RoHS
  • The Die Casting Process
    • The Die Casting Cycle
    • Die Casting Characteristics
    • Preventing Casting Defects
    • Die Casting Dies
    • Trim Dies

Typical Seminar Schedule

Day 1:     Tour & Value Analysis 2 pm – 4 pm
Day 2:     Seminar 8 am – 4 pm
Day 3:     Seminar 8 am – 12 noon

Contact Info

For more information on NADCA Design Seminars please contact:

North American Die Casting Association
3250 N. Arlington Heights Rd – Ste 101
Arlington Heights, IL  60004

Phone: (847) 279-0001
Fax: (847) 279-0002