Many diverse elements are required to create the best designs for the die casting process, including bosses. Bosses are the integral features added to a casting for a number of potential functions, including mounting.

Critical to die cast parts that need to be mounted, bosses are added to serve as stand-offs and mounting points. Bosses must have universal wall thickness for maximum integrity and strength for the component.

Meeting Casting Challenges

A number of difficulties must be addressed when adding bosses to a design. Engineers almost always add a hole to the center of the boss to keep wall thicknesses uniform and eliminate the need for additional machining after the die casting is complete.

Narrow in nature, bosses must utilize ample fillets and ribs to ensure that the molten metal can easily flow into the boss area. Fillets create curved surfaces that enhance the metal’s flow into the die cavities, while ribs maximize the strength of the bosses.

Bosses’ outer and inner surfaces must be designed with the correct draft angle. A die with proper drafts designed in the boss will keep finished parts from adhering to the die and help release the part from the die.

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Many components are designed to be mounted to others; when properly designed, die cast bosses make the process fast and easy. Click on the video above to find out more, or if you have further questions, contact us directly.