Under the headline “World factory input costs rising sharply,” Reuters (3/1, Cable, Yao) reported that manufacturers across the globe are struggling to come to grips with rising input costs and other inflationary pressures. “With the latest surge in commodity prices yet to fully feed through into consumer prices, inflation could well climb further in the next few months,” an expert with ING said. Regarding the situation in Asia, Reuters notes that Chinese manufacturing is down amidst inflation issues, while India is facing even larger inflationary pressures. “Manufacturers are facing ever steeper increases in input costs, reflecting the tightness of labor markets and rising material costs, which will continue to add upward pressure on output prices,” one expert said.

Boeing Learns Lessons From Dreamliner Outsourcing

The Los Angeles Times (2/16, Hiltzik) reports on the “costly lesson” Boeing has learned due to outsourcing on the Dreamliner. “The 787 has more foreign-made content – 30% – than any other Boeing plane, according to the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace, the union representing Boeing engineers.” According to the article, there were “early” indications Boeing’s outsourcing would lead to difficulties in development. “Boeing executives now admit that the company’s aggressive outsourcing put it in partnership with suppliers that weren’t up to the job. They say Boeing didn’t recognize that sending so much work abroad would demand more intensive management from the home plant, not less.”

Learn Design Online!

The NADCA Education division has recently launched its new Online Education system. Online education and training offers students the convenience of taking courses anywhere and the ability to complete courses at their own pace.In addition, companies and individuals can save money on travel expenses and reduce time away from the office.

The following courses may be of particular interest to die casting designers:

Introduction to Die Casting – This course helps to familiarize students, designers, engineers and interested buyers with the die casting process. NADCA has prepared this course to review the basics of die casting. The course will provide specifications for various alloys, briefly explain the types of machines used to cast these alloys and information that compares the die casting process to other processes. $99.00

Product Design – This online course offers an understanding of what should be included in the die casting die design. The course begins with a tooling design philosophy and evolves into all the major systems that must be included in the die. This course is targeted to the die casting tool designer, engineer, toolmaker and others involved in the design, construction and use of die casting dies. $59.00

New courses are being added frequently. NADCA’s Online Education system allows students to leave the course and begin where they left off. Each full course concludes with an exam and can count towards certification.

For course descriptions or to register please visit: www.diecasting.org/education/online. For additional information on NADCA’s Education options please contact Melisa Twarog at 847-808-3161 or email: education@diecasting.org.

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