Do you design or purchase die castings?Join companies like Alcon Labs, an Eye Surgery Device manufacturer, pictured, in gaining the benefits of a NADCA Design Seminar. Scheduling a NADCA Design seminar on-site at your company is one of the best ways to learn more about the benefits that die casting has to offer your company. The seminar covers topics from development, design, specification,purchasing all the way to manufacturing. Learn more about having a NADCA Design Seminar at your company by visiting:

Holes and Windows

Holes and windows present a challenge to molten metal flow during filling as well as during ejection of the die casting from the die. However with simple geometry changes and modifications to the die and part holes and windows can be optimized for successful die casting. To learn more about holes and windows in die casting designs please visit:

holes windows

Aluminum Die Casting Alloy Sources

Have you ever wondered where the aluminum alloys used in die casting come from? Although some aluminum alloys are smelted and refined from raw materials to keep up with increasing demands, most aluminum die casting alloys use recycled scrap as their primary source of material. For more information on the aluminum die casting alloy supplies view the video module at:


Die Castings Perform in Audi Space Frames

Aluminum die castings serve as main components and nodes for body componentsused in the high performance Audi A8 luxury sedan and R8 supercar. Car and Driver recently visited the production lines for both these vehicles to learn more about the construction and assembly for the see advanced vehicles. For more details on how these two cars are manufactured and how die castings play apart visit:

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