Bloomberg News (5/18, Kowalski) reports, “Manufacturers in the US have a more optimistic outlook for sales and spending in 2011 than they did at the end of last year, according to a survey by the Institute for Supply Management.” The survey found that “purchasing managers at US factories anticipate sales will grow 7.5 percent this year, up from a 5.6 percent December forecast.” Meanwhile, service providers lowered their anticipated sales increase from 3.4 percent in December to 2.1 percent. “Much of manufacturing has emerged from the economic downturn and is experiencing significant growth,” Norbert Ore, chairman of the group’s factory committee. He added, “The positive forecast for revenue growth and improved employment will drive the continuation of the recovery.” Reuters (5/18, Schnurr) also reports the story.

Stabenow, Peters Announce Bill To Boost Funding For More Efficient Cars

The Detroit Free Press (5/10, Snavely) reports Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) “said today she thinks legislation aimed at expanding the availability of federal grants for fuel-efficient technology has a good chance of adoption.” She and Rep. Gary Peters (D-MI) yesterday announced “legislation aimed at expanding the US Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Program.” The bill would add “$300 million annually for five years to support the development of fuel-efficient technology for light vehicles and commercial trucks.” Peters also touted support for the bill from “unions, environmental groups and business groups such as the US Chamber of Commerce.”

The Detroit News (5/10, Priddle) reports, “The representatives introduced a similar bill last term, but it got caught in a Senate filibuster, despite bipartisan support in the House.”

Innovative Die Castings Wanted!

To be a winner in today’s economy, you must meet and even exceed expectations. In a competitive global market, customers take notice of the best. NADCA knows that competition improves the competitor. With its annual International Die Casting Design Competition, it recognizes and rewards the outstanding casting designs of the year. Each entry is judged on its design, quality, cost savings, ingenuity, innovation and industry-changing potential.

Entering and winning is one of the best ways to gain visibility with leading decision-makers. The competition is open to aluminum, magnesium and zinc die castings. Any number of castings may be entered. However a separate entry form is required for each casting or assembly of castings. In addition, the metal surface cannot be improved or concealed by tumbling, shot blasting, coating or other surface treatments.

Judging is conducted by an independent panel of experts from the die casting industry, with no ties to eligible companies. The four equally weighed criteria are ingenuity of casting/product design; overall quality; cost savings; and market-expanding potential.Winning castings will be displayed during the 2011 Die Casting Congress & Tabletop in Columbus, OH and winners will be honored during the Die Casting Design Luncheon.NADCA’s Die Casting Engineer Magazine,Website and the Design Website will also feature the winning castings.

This competition helps promote increased use of die castings by recognizing and publicizing outstanding designs. For more information on the 2011 International Die Casting Design Competition please visit, or contact Alex Monroe at for more details.

NADCA’s 2011 Die Casting Shipment Report Provides Insight on Current and Future Shipping Data

NADCA’s 2011 Die Casting Shipment Report is now available. This report details the shipments, by alloy, of die castings in 2007 through 2010.It also includes a custom versus captive breakdown, and industry sales estimates. The report includes projections for shipments in 2011 and a forecast for 2012.

NADCA conducted its annual shipment survey of die casting operations in the United States and Canada in March, 2011. This survey is the fourth annual comprehensive attempt to gain industry trend data from as many die casting operations as possible.Over 150 aluminum die casters provided their data for 2010.Over 75 zinc die casters sent in their data and ten magnesium die casters provided shipment levels for 2010.The data was reviewed for consistency and calculations were made on the total shipment data for each type of metal (aluminum, zinc and magnesium.The report indicates that in 2010 there was a:

  • 40% shipment increase of aluminum die castings
  • 34% shipment increase of zinc die castings
  • Slight drop in shipments of magnesium die castings

This report assists in providing the most current insight on the North American die casting industry while also enabling companies to forecast future shipments in specific markets and overall.The 2011 Die Casting Shipment Report is now available for the modest price of: $30 for Corporate Members, $45 for Individual Members and $60 for Non Members. Visit: publication # 880-2 to download your copy today!

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