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Fishing Reels Use Die Cast Frame for Rigidity

Exceprt: The ‘DL’ range was designed to take advantage of key Shimano technologies whilst being offered at a price that is right. All models feature the trademark smooth Baitrunner drags that can only be found in Shimano reels. Couple this with lightweight graphite body, aluminium die-cast spool, Power Roller, Super Stopper II and Vari-Speed oscillation system and you have a range that offers unprecedented value for money.

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Video demonstrating compact and lightweight fishing reel with die cast parts:

Uniform Walls

Did you know that non-uniform walls in you die casting can effect metal flow and encourage internal defects?Many modern die castings are successfully produced with non-uniform walls, but keeping walls as uniform as possible can improve metal flow and reduce the appearance of internal shrinkage.Certain part geometry may also create thin walls in the die used to create the die casting resulting in premature die failure.Unnecessarily thick walls add to the time it takes for a die casting to cool in the die increasing cycle time and cost.To learn more about uniform walls visit: Your current CAD package may have wall thickness analysis; check your help file to see if it does.In addition Cast View software is available from NADCA to analyze casting and die wall thicknesses as well as filling patterns. A 30 Day Trial of CastView is available at:

Audi R8 Spyder

Excerpt from arcticle:
The compact V8, which is hand-assembled at the engine factory in Györ, Hungary, has the classic cylinder angle of 90 degrees and weighs just 216 kilograms (476 lb). Its crankcase is made of analuminum-silicon alloy using the low-pressure die casting method, which ensures particular homogeneity. The high silicon content makes the cylinder barrels extremely resistant to wear.

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