Die casting experts MRT are making significant investments in new equipment to support strong sales growth over the past year. Growing numbers of designers and buyers from Europe and the United States are turning to the elite team at MRT.

Andover, Hampshire (PRWEB) March 21, 2012

Die casting experts MRT are making significant investments in new equipment to support strong sales growth over the past year.

Survey Finds Increasing Optimism About Economy

IndustryWeek (3/7, Minter) reports, “Nearly 60% of middle-market manufacturing and distribution executives are optimistic about the US economy, according to the latest quarterly survey from McGladrey & Pullen, a tax and consulting firm. That is a 146% increase from the fall 2011 survey.” It “found automotive and transportation executives more likely than others to be optimistic about their companies, and automotive and industrial machinery executives more likely than others to be optimistic about their industries.” IndustryWeek notes, “The increased optimism among manufacturing executives was tempered by several factors, including federal government gridlock, access to free trade agreements, the lack of a meaningful energy policy in the US and the uncertainty of regulations due to the impending election this fall.”

Manufacturers Realigning Transportation Networks To Reduce Costs, Carbon Footprints

IndustryWeek (3/14, Blanchard) reported, “The push for greener supply chains has been increasing for quite a few years now, and yet it’s fair to say that not every US manufacturer is entirely convinced that initiatives sponsored by various government agencies have their best interests at heart. For instance, when the Environmental Protection Agency announced its plan to regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from stationary sources through the Clean Air Act, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) was highly critical of the move, seeing it as nothing less than an ill-advised power play.” While “overhauling production processes to reduce GHG emissions can be both expensive and time-consuming, manufacturers are earning their sustainability stripes and complying with other green initiatives by focusing on other areas of their supply chains, namely transportation and distribution. The benefit here is that not only can companies point to their efforts at improving the environment, but they also can enjoy substantial savings.

White House Urges House To Accept Senate Highway Bill

The Hill (3/20, Laing) reports the White House “continued to pressure the House to accept the $109 billion transportation bill that was passed last week by the Senate, saying that President Obama was ready to sign the measure into law. The administration has long signaled it supported the Senate’s version…over the five-year, $260 billion that had been under consideration in the House,” and “the pressure has been amplified since the Senate approved its version of the measure with 74 votes.” According to The Hill, the House “has not definitively indicated whether it will take up the Senate’s version of the transportation bill or continue pursuing a version of the legislation on its own.” National Association Of Manufacturers, Other Groups Hold Rally In Support Of Transportation Bill. The Hill (3/19, Laing) “Transportation Report” blog reported, “With Congress facing a deadline in two weeks for passing a new transportation bill, advocates of road and bridge projects are planning to rally in Washington, DC.” Organizers said the rally will take place today on the National Mall. “The Senate has passed a $109 billion measure that would fund road and bridge projects for the next two years, but the House has not indicated whether it will take the Senate bill up or continue trying to pass legislation of its own.” The National Association of Manufacturers is one of the groups organizing the event.

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