Clamping and changing systems based on electric permanent magnets enable moulders to save costs and setup time and enhance safety.

Magnetic clamping and changing systems can help moulding, metalworking and die-casting companies save costs, reduce setup times, enhance productivity and safety, and improve production quality. Their value is seem especially in small-series manufacturing. A diverse range of Hilma-brand magnetic clamping plates from the Römheld Group are available to answer growing demand for this flexible quick-tool-change technology.

US Manufacturers Leaving China

Forbes (7/26, Rapoza) reports, “US companies are leaving China and heading to other parts of the world, including back home.” According to Forbes, “Wage costs are only part of the picture. Moving closer to home markets, and the price of logistics has taken away some of China’s competitive edge.” A survey conducted “by the Hackett Group consultancy found that 46 percent of executives at European and North American manufacturing companies said they were considering returning some production to the United States from China, while another 27 percent said they were actively planning for or are in the midst of such a shift, the paper reported.”

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Ford: Reports Of More Aluminum On F-150 Are “Premature.”

USA Today (7/27, Woodyard) reported, “Ford Motor, which has seen hidebound pickup buyers embrace gas-saving technology, appears to be headed a step further: an F-150 that makes extensive use of aluminum panels instead of steel.” Richard Schultz, managing director of consultant Ducker Worldwide, who was briefed on the change by a Ford executive with knowledge of the plans, said “Ford Motor will embrace aluminum when the next-generation F-150 appears in July 2014 as a way of saving gas, although it’ll raise costs.”

The Wall Street Journal (7/27, Ramsey, Subscription Publication) reported, according to executives familiar with the company’s plans, the automaker is hoping the switch to aluminum will cut the weight of its F-150 truck by about 700 pounds.

The Detroit News (7/27, Henkel) reported, “Ford Motor Co. is looking into adding more aluminum parts to its popular F-150 pickup, according to a company source, but the automaker says reports it is planning a largely aluminum version of the truck are ‘premature.'” Ford spokesperson Said Deep said, “‘It is premature to discuss specific approaches or solutions that we might use for future products.'” Deep also said, “Ford is already a leader in aluminum use in full-sized pickups.” He added, “We’re constantly looking at multiple ways to improve the fuel efficiency and capabilities of our cars and trucks with innovative technologies.”

U.S. Plans to Impose Tariffs on Appliances from South Korea and Mexico

The U.S. Department of Commerce will impose tariffs on some imported appliances – this after it ruled on Monday that some appliances are being dumped on the U.S. market.

The DoC made a preliminary determination in an anti-dumping investigation of large residential washing machines being imported from South Korea and Mexico. The investigation came in response to a petition filed by Whirlpool Corp. in

December 2011. “Dumping” happens when a foreign company sells a product in the United States at less than fair value.

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