No, not the grief that you give the person in the cubical next to you… the ribs you add to a part to increase strength using less mass.Being an additive manufacturing process die casting allows ribs to be easily integrated into your next die cast product design.Ribs may also assist in providing metal flow to difficult to fill areas.Although just like ribbing your cubical neighbor ribbing can be over applied.To learn more about ribs for die casting designs please visit:


HyperCast Materials

The new NADCA Hyper Cast program is currently underway to help lower the costs of implementing aluminum and magnesium metal matrix composites in future die cast product designs. Metal matrix composites (MMC) combine the properties of metals and ceramics into one material.Traditionally the mixing of ceramic particles into metals has been difficult and costly. Hyper Cast technology allows for the introduction of ceramic particles into a molten metal just before it is cast allowing for a significant cost reduction over previous methods.This technology takes advantage of highly exothermic reactions to rapidly create ceramic particles in the aluminum or magnesium melt. Although the focus of this project will be onlight weighting vehicles, other design applications are sure to emerge.For more information on the Hyper Cast project please visit: cast/


Die Casting Top of Sweet Design

Did you know that every time you use a sugar shaker like the one shown here that you are taking advantage of the properties a die casting has to offer?Designer HenryKeck designed this iconic sugar shaker in 1955 and utilized a die cast top to meet his design criteria,to find out the history behind this design and the reasons die casting was selected visit:

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