PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Alcoa (NYSE:AA) today announced the first commercial success of its ColorKast™ technology in the consumer electronics market. As a result of this innovative technology, Alcoa can produce color anodizable aluminum die cast components with high-end cosmetics. The first use of the ColorKast™ technology appears on Samsung’s new digital camera NX210 and other consumer electronic OEMs are preparing to apply this technology to their products.

ColorKast™ is a breakthrough aluminum die casting technology that allows consumer electronics manufacturers to create cosmetically high-end, lightweight, and cost-effective components for portable electronic devices using proprietary alloy, process, and finishing technologies developed at Alcoa Technical Center. The result is cosmetic 3D products with the rich, metallic “look and feel” of anodized aluminum, and the high productivity and cost advantages of die castings as compared to unibody machining processing or magnesium die casting. In addition, products made from ColorKast™ create a better green solution relative to plastics or composites because aluminum is infinitely recyclable.

The performance and aesthetic requirements of ColorKast™ have been validated with Alcoa’s exclusive manufacturing partner, GK (Global Kwangsung) in South Korea, before being introduced to the market, leading to the success of the first commercialized application at Samsung.

For more information on Alcoa’s capabilities in the consumer electronics market, visit http://www.alcoa.com/con_electronics/.

Inhofe: Utility MACT Rule Will Destroy Jobs, Cause Energy Price To Skyrocket

In an op-ed on CNN‘s (6/20) website, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) writes, “On Wednesday, the US Senate will have the opportunity to put a stop to one of the most expensive Environmental Protection Agency rules in history: the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards rule.” The Utility MACT “rule will destroy jobs and cause energy prices to skyrocket.” Sen. Inhofe writes, “West Virginia’s Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, a Democrat, recently wrote to West Virginia Sens. Joe Manchin and Jay Rockefeller urging them to vote for SJR 37, saying EPA’s rules have ‘coalesced to create an unprecedented attack on West Virginia’s coal industry'” and “West Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Jeffrey Kessler echoed this concern, saying that EPA is destroying the state’s ‘most valuable state natural resource and industry.'” In addition, Inhofe writes, “we’ve also secured the support of the” National Federation of Independent Business, the Farm Bureau, the National Association of Manufacturers and other business groups, “all of which represent major groups who are apparently not ‘doing fine’ in the face of EPA’s regulations.”

Romney Campaign Says He Opposes EPA Mercury Rule. The National Journal (6/20, Harder, Subscription Publication) reports Mitt Romney “opposes a landmark environmental regulation controlling mercury and other toxic air pollution from power plants, according to a campaign statement to National Journal Daily Tuesday.” Romney spokesperson Andrea Saul said in a statement, “Governor Romney has made clear that he opposes the Utility MACT, which costs more than $1,500 for every one dollar reduction in mercury pollution.” The AP reports the “campaign’s statement is a reversal from the position Romney held as Massachusetts governor.” In 2003, Romney as governor stood with a power plant in the backdrop and declared that that people were dying because of its noxious emissions. Massachusetts joined with others in the Northeast to sue EPA, seeking the same rules on mercury that Senate Environment and Public Works Ranking Member James Inhofe is now trying to block.

US – “Super-Vacuum” Magnesium Diecasting Among Projects Earning DOE Funds

GM research foresees lighter, more cost-efficient vehicle doors

The U.S. Dept. of Energy identified 13 manufacturing research projects to receive over $54 million in funding support. Describing the various projects as efforts toward “innovative technologies and materials” DOE said the investments would help to supply domestic manufacturers with the “cutting-edge tools, techniques and processes they need to compete successfully in the global marketplace.”

Report: Southern Spent Over $17 Million To Fight EPA Rules

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (6/20, Swartz) reports, “Atlanta-based Southern Co. spent $17.5 million lobbying against federal environmental rules that eventually will cause the nation’s largest utility to close or retrofit several of its coal-fired power plants, according to a report” from the National Resource Defense Council. The “report was released the day before the US Senate is scheduled to vote on a measure that would delay the EPA’s mercury rule. The US House also is considering bills that would delay other EPA rules.” The report said “Southern paid at least $50,000 to the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, the National Association of Manufacturers and” another business group in 2011.

Public Broadcasting Atlanta (6/20) also covers the story.

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