This manual covers specification, design and production guidance for both users and manufacturers of conventional high pressure die castings. The manual presents tooling and processes information, alloy properties, standard and precision tolerances, GD&T, design guidelines, quality assurance provisions and more.

Revisions for this edition include: updated die casting die specification checklist; additional guidelines to increase die life; alloy composition and properties of company specific alloys; additional data for zinc alloys at temperature; EN specifications and chemical compositions for aluminum alloys; expanded zinc cross reference specifications and chemical compositions; clarified parting line calculation terminology; additional miniature die casting die materials; information on small metal savers and bumping ejector pins; and updated commercial practices to include compliance with laws and intellectual property. New, improved and updated photographs and line drawings have been added throughout.

Table of Contents
Cross Reference to NADCA Standards & Guidelines
List of NADCA Standards, Guidelines and Checklists
Current Revisions and Additions
Section 1: Process & Material Selection for Recyclability
Section 2: Tooling for Die Casting
Section 3: Alloy Data
Section 4A: Engineering & Design: Coordinate Dimensioning
Section 4B: Engineering & Design: Miniature Die Casting
Section 5: Engineering & Design: Geometric Dimensioning
Section 6: Engineering & Design: Additional Guidelines
Section 7: Quality Assurance
Section 8: Commercial Practices
Section 9: Casting Examples
Section 10: Index & Glossary of Terms

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