The new 3.7 liter TiVCT V-6 engine for the 2011 Ford Mustang uses a lightweight die cast aluminum cylinder block as well as deep-sump oil pan.Both die cast components help the engine produce more power and torque (305 hp and 280 ft.-lb) while maintaining a fuel economy of 30mpg despite the engines smaller displacement.To read more about the new 2011 Mustang V-6 visit:

And to see a video of a ride with the new engine visit:

Casting Design Seminars at CastExpo’10

The Casting Designer and Buyer Tracks at CastExpo’10 will provide education on topics ranging from the basics of metal casting to casting design conversion and sourcing tips by a lineup of expert speakers.The seminars will be held in the Cast in North America Pavilion where metalcasters (including die casters)will showcase their casting capabilities.This area will allow buyers and designers to network with suppliers and provide an opportunity to discuss design challenges face-to-face with experts.In addition the winning castings from the 2010 International Die Casting Competition will be on display show casing the capabilities of the die casting process.For more information visit:

Helpful Bosses

Hopefully you report to a helpful boss at work… for die cast part designs bosses are useful in a different way, often being used for standoff and mounting points for assembly components.Many times a central hole is added to a boss and this hole is often subsequently tapped to add threads without requiring a metal insert as is often needed for plastic parts. To hear learn more about bosses please visit:


ZA Die Casting Alloys

Did you know that zinc aluminum alloys, often called ZA alloys, were created to offer improved properties over straight zinc alloys? ZA alloys offer distinct advantages over the zinc alloys, including higher strength, increased wear resistance, improved creep resistance and slightly lower densities.To learn more about the variety of die castable ZA alloys please visit:

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