Aluminum die castings are used in many modern applications. Although the raw surface of an aluminum die casting provides substantial protection, sometimes enhanced surface performance is required with the use of surface finishes.The new NADCA test report “Performance Evaluation of Surface Finishes on Aluminum Die Castings ” provides an evaluation of various surface finishes for aluminum die castings.

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Casting Design Seminars at CastExpo’10

The Casting Designer and Buyer Tracks at CastExpo’10 will provide education on topics ranging from the basics of metal casting to casting design conversion and sourcing tips by a lineup of expert speakers.The seminars will be held in the Cast in North America Pavilion where metalcasters (including die casters) will showcase their casting capabilities.This area will allow buyers and designers to network with suppliers and provide an opportunity to discuss design challenges face-to-face with experts.In addition the winning castings from the 2010 International Die Casting Competition will be on display show casing the capabilities of the die casting process. For more information visit:

Parting Lines

No, not the words you say when leaving work for the day… the lines that established on the surface of any cast part that define where the die will open releasing that part from the die.For simple parts the parting line may be automatically defined by the proper addition of draft to a part.For more complex parts the parting line may need to be consciously designed for product function and die casting manufactur ability. To learn more about the details of parting lines and how to get them to automatically appear in you CAD software visit:


Zinc Die Casting Alloys

Did you know that zinc alloys allow for the longest die life out of all the common die casting alloys.In addition the room temperature impact strength of zinc alloys is the highest of all die cast alloys. To learn more about zinc die casting alloys visit:

Die Casting Process Cuts Weight, Parts Count for Larger Auto Parts

When light weighting large parts and assemblies other manufacturing processes may come to mind besides die casting; however, die casting is now being used to advantage in production of larger thin walled parts.Automobiles from Nissans to Ferraris are now using light weight thin walled die castings for door assemblies and other large components, read more at the following links:

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